Increase customer loyalty by creating

delightful experiences

User experience and software services


The value of design and user experience strategy

Good design goes beyond aesthetic improvement, it can improve quality of life, reduce operational costs and increase customer retention just to mention a few benefits.


Improve customer retention. Increase revenue

Products developed with customer insights are easy to use products that people just want to buy, download, share and experience over and over which translates in more purchases, sign-ups, usage, hence profit for you.


Reduce operational costs. Improve work efficiency

Improved processes and systems are guaranteed to shave time off from your employees by allowing them to work and feel more empowered with better tools to perform their daily tasks.


Improve customer experience. Rise above your competition

Optimized content across channels and resolutions with a consistent experience will determine whether your visitors will return and use or recommend your product.


What we do at Kimonio

Kimonio wants to partner with you to understand your business goals and understand your customer needs. We offer tangible solutions that will enable your customers to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively having them going back to you for more.


User Experience Services

  • End to end user experience review.
  • App design.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Research and user personification.
  • Wire-framing, mock-ups and UI prototyping.
  • Consultation and training.
  • Staff training and process review.
  • Service design and events.


Software Development Services

  • Custom web, mobile and desktop apps.
  • Designed, developed and tested with your users in mind.
  • Deployed and maintained in the cloud using AWS or Azure.
  • Tailored to your users and business.
  • Agile development process.
  • A/B testing design choices.



Why us?

We at Kimonio are all about finding the right problem to solve and the right way to solve it.  Our goal is to deliver delightful experiences that will help your customers achieve their goals with ease.


Home to a diverse set of skills. Our experts not only create websites, apps and services, they create fully rounded products combining strategy, research, design, development and testing.


We believe in giving back to our community. If you’re a not-for-profit organization seeking assistance please get in touch!


Interested in a quote on a new app or website? Looking to improve an existing one? Feel free to send us your contact info to see how we can help you impress your users. 

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